Grow the fuck up and

pick up your trash.

ECO Warrior.
The foundation is a California and Federal non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to preserving our oceans and beaches through; education, activation and motivation. ECO Warrior plans to go beyond the beaches and work towards a litter free future for all. This is a branding deck that has various elements for ECO Warrior get a much needed face lift. When I design this identity I was drawn to the clashing words of the name. ECO was passive, and WARRIOR was aggressive. I played with counter space so each logo variation would clash like the name. Bold and strong, yet always an element that is gentle to restore the balance. The colors are simple, no bullshit 5 color palettes here. Black and white of course, with a sea-forrest color that is part blue and part green. The identity is brave, for a foundation that needs to be courageous.

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