Look on my works,

ye Mighty, and despair!

My Kingdom for a Cage is an ongoing series of illustrations that focuses on animal conservation. One of my passions is animal documentation at the various zoos and aquariums throughout the world. I often visit these locations and I pay homage to earth’s creatures by illustrating them. I believe that value must be put on any animal that will be able to live with humans. Ones that fail to adapt, have to find other ways to be noticed.

Each of these animals were photographed by me as a way to document them as individuals representing their species.

Casuarius casuarius (Southern Cassowray)
22x30 ballpoint pens & ink stamp
@ The Los Angeles Zoo

Phoenicoparrus minor (Lesser Flamingo)
14x17 ballpoint pens & ink stamp
@ The San Diego Safari Park

Parabuteo unicinctus (Harris Hawk)
11x14 ballpoint pens & ink stamp
@ The San Diego Zoo

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