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Protectors of my neighborhood  

UNNatural Parks Project. Many times, I have come across these clever National Park posters that designers make that celebrate the natural wonders of each park. Each of them highlights specific species that live in the park and all these animals seem so majestic to us as they are not around us every day. This project is a satire as it explores the natural wonders of our suburbs. The UNNatural Parks we live in are home to various animal species that we often ignore. There is wonder in these animals and these posters give praise to those that we have forgotten.

The suburbs that I highlight are places that I have spent time in.

The guardians of Yorba Linda: mocking bird, barn owl, coyote, desert cotton tail, turkey vulture, monarch butterfly, bobcat, mallard, golden finch, & white-crowned sparrow.

The guardians of Hawthorne: Crow, Cooper’s Hawk, Red Tailed Hawk, Raccoon, Yellow Rumped Warbler, House Sparrow, Morning Dove, House Finch, European Starling, Possum & Fox Squirrel

The guardians of Bicester: Magpie, Wood Mouse, Wood Pigeon, Red Fox, Red Deer, Red Kite, Peregrin Falcon, European Hare & Goldfinch.

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